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Why Choose HCS Deep Cleaning

We offer a great value quality cleaning service for your business.


HCS LOGOGreat service and professional attitude have made us number one for our customers throughout Northamptonshire



We are cost Effective:

We offer a quick effective service which relieves you of worry. Throrough cleaning, at a smart price
Clear, detailed competitive quotes, so you know precicely what you are getting.
Our no obligation inspection of premises will outline the jobs to be done and tailor the clean to your budget.
Little extras are provided as standard. No mess, no fuss. If we see it we do it.
State of the art machinery and equipment means that we get the job done first time every time giving you peace of mind and keeping your balance sheets healthy.

Cleaning done when it best suits your business:

The inconvenience of a major clean can sometimes affect your business. We offer the following options;
When you are closed we are open. Operating through the night we can transform your premises.Leaving you free to carry out normal operations without interruption.
Weekend or out of term.
1 or 2 day cleans can be completed when your premises are empty or minimally staffed. You don't even have to see us, just view the results on Monday morning.
Early morning- Late evening.
We work around you;. before or after shifts. So you suffer the least inconvenience and your work flow is not interrupted.


There is a legal responsibility to adhere to the Food Hygiene regulations act 2006. It requires you to ensure your premises are regularly deep cleaned to avoid the risk of food contamination.
Left uncleaned, kitchen extraction systems accumulate enough grease to become extreme fire hazards. Extraction systems must be inspected regularly, at intervals consistent with usage, to determine whether or not cleaning is needed before a dangerous amount of grease has accumulated.
Ovens, work surfaces and floors must be kept free of slip hazards, food accumulation and carbon deposits in order to minimise any risk. If you do not comply you may be prosecuted.

Our exacting methods:

We use the most effective methods for cleaning your premises. With health & safety being our top priority.
For ultimate cleanliness we use high pressure steam cleaning to dislodge and remove stubborn dirt and grease. This also serves to sterilise surfaces which obviates the need to use harmful chemicals.
Ovens and floors are pre treated before thorough degreasing and deposit removal to achieve the best possible result. They are then surface finished by hand to give gleaming results.
Toilets and basins are cleaned and treated with descalers and anitbacterials to reduce odours and the bacteria which produce them.


Examples of our cleaning

We have many great examples of our high standard of cleaning which you can view in our gallery (coming soon). Many of your new clients come from seeing the actual results in situ.

What we can do for you

This is not an exclusive list

  • General cleans
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Steam cleaning
  • Internal window cleaning
  • Toilet, locker and washroom cleaning
  • Event and marquee cleaning
  • Litter collection
  • letting's cleaning
  • Student accommodation cleans
  • Stadium cleaning
  • Overnight and out of hours cleaning
  • Commercial kitchen, deep and maintenance cleans
  • Oven cleaning
  • Grounds cleaning
  • Leaf collection
  • Bathroom and shower sanitation
  • General janitorial duties
  • And much more............................

Don't confuse us with anyone else

Similar names don't mean a similar product. Home clean services of Finedon is a family business that cares about it's reputation so be sure you ask for Stefan to confirm you are speaking to the right people. If in doubt ask for the trust a trader feedback form from us so you can add to the growing list of satisfied clients that have already benefitted from our great service.

I am never five minutes into stripping the clutter from my life before I start running into the clutter that is my life. 

-Robert Brault


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